Facilitation represents a new type of business service. The facilitator supports a group (team members, members of a local community, or a project team) in finding a solution, the need for which has been previously identified. This is achieved by offering a relevant framework for the decision-making process, one that best serves the interests of the parties involved. The result of facilitation should be a decision, agreed to by and binding to all meeting participants. Before the participants begin a discussion, the choice of facilitator should be accepted by all parties in the process, and the facilitator himself or herself is obligated to remain impartial and independent throughout the process.

It is worth considering facilitation, when:
  • a specific solution or decision is needed that would enable a multitude of perspectives
  • the business organisation goes through a change process and it is crucial that a new structure is established
  • it is necessary to involve all team members in an effort to develop a new business process
  • a team/group wishes to resolve a conflict and establish new rules of communication
  • there is a clear need for discussion led and structured by an unbiased facilitation professional

We offer effective facilitation support that has been tested in a number of business sessions intended to find new solutions or implement strategic business decisions.

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